Cannabis Research

Why I have trust issues: If you’ve been in the weed game for longer than five minutes, you probably already know the problematic nature of cannabis research. Since the scheduling of cannabis deemed it to be a narcotic with “no medical value,” laws make it nearly impossible to do clinical research. An article in the [...]

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Cash-Only Cannabis

With each passing election, our country ushers in a new era of legal cannabis consumption. To undermine the illicit markets, many states have legalized the sale of cannabis for patients and recreational users. But one thing bears an odd resemblance to the old black market: cash-only cannabis. Customers constantly question why cannabusinesses can’t accept [...]

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Lab Cannabis Testing

Should we trust cannabis testing results for product potency? Customers comment often that the coolest quirk of legalization is cannabis testing. Don't guess which strain is fire: our consumers feel it only takes a quick compare/contrast of the tiny test results on the back of each baggie before they know which product is powerfully potent. But [...]

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Healthier Habits When Getting High

by Karen Jans Most folks already know that consuming cannabis is a significantly healthier alternative to other activities, like smoking cigarettes, imbibing alcohol, or licking doorknobs. But here at The Joint, our staff often hear even seasoned smokers engaging in some unhealthy habits in an attempt to stay high. However, research shows some of these [...]

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Weed versus Hemp. What Are the Differences?

By Karen Jans As access to cannabis products increase across the country, misinformation continues to crop up about the stoney, sought-after crop. What’s the real relationship between hemp and weed and what can hemp be used for? According to a 1976 study by the International Association of Plant Taxonomy, “both hemp varieties and marijuana varieties [...]

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Sticky Frog (Phat Panda) – Blue Dream Shatter

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid originally from California. It’s a cross of Blueberry, a top-ranking Indica, and Haze, an uplifting Sativa. Blue Dream has always been one of my favorite strains and has been considered “a staple strain” in the cannabis community. I like its buzzy, creative effects and sweet flavor. According to Leafly.com, [...]

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